Monday, March 6, 2017

3 Simple Steps to Make Money Online with Free Traffic Without Spending A Single Dollar in 2017

It has been a year now that I have been working part-time as affiliate promoting other people's digital product online and make profit. Today I will share with you very simple steps that I use to make money online free.

Step 1: Choose your niche: Niche is very important because it is the content that you will target your audience. You can target any audience by selecting you niche such as "Weight Loss, Make money online, Self-help" etc.

Step 2: Choose Product to promote: You don't need to have any of your own products, you can choose thousand of products from Clickbank, JVZOO, or any other platform and get the affiliate link to promote. The following is my screen shot from my account.

Step 3: Traffic & Conversion: The most important thing to earn money from affiliate is to bring thousand of buying visitors to your link. There are two types of traffic : Free and Paid Traffic. The following is the free traffic methods and tools that I used to promote affiliate links and make commission Online:

1. ViralNugget: is an free email marketing platform, where you can send out email to thousand users, and it is a free text & banner advertising to your affiliate link.
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2. ListSurfing is also an free email marketing platform, where you can send out email to thousand users, and it allow you to surf for email credit in which you can use to send out email to all member in the system.

3. Leadsleap: Leadsleep is the platform that you can get thousands of visitors to your affilate link for free and you can earn daily advertising revenue share up to 40%. The good about leadsleep is that it has more than 100000 active members who are promoting affiliate products and tend to buy from you too.

4. Millionleadsforfree: is a solo ad with more than 4 million users who are interest in Making money online. You can send your links to thousand of visitor for free. to join, Click Millionleadsforfree.

5. Facebook Group Automation:  Find Facebook which relate to your niche and join the group. And then post your affiliate link to facebook group. I use facebook auto-post group called Toolsstar. Toolsstar is free to join and you can automatically post your affiliate link to many groups just spend only 1 minute. 

6. EasyHits4u: is a biggest traffic exchange with more than 1 million user. You can promote your affiliate link and earn 0.30$ every 1000 page that you surf on easyhits4u.

Conclusion: You can make real money online for free without spending any money, just your time to get it. The result may vary, depend on  you. You can make 10$, 20$, or 400$ per day and even more by using above free methods.

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