Wednesday, September 7, 2016

How to Earn Free Bitcoin 0.01 BTC Per Day With Website

There are many ways to earn Bitcoin Online. In this short article, it will help you to earn free bitcoin if you have a website or blog. These are the step:

Step 1: Set up A Website or Blog

You need to have a blog running. If you don't have, you can create a free one at, You can learn how to create free blog with at How to create Free Blogspot Platform. However most blogger love Wordpress. If you want want to host with Wordpress, you can start with less than 20$ a year at Namecheap. After you have completely set up website, start blogging fews articles on your website
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Step 2. Join Bitcoin Advertising Network as A Publisher

There are many Bitcoin Advertising Network. These networks essentially serve ads on your website on behalf of advertisers that work with them, and will pay you once you reach a certain threshold. These are the Bitcoin Ads Network you may Like:

1. A-ADS

A-Ads (Anonymous Ads), is a bitcoin advertising network which does not collect any personal data. It has been around for a long time and is a very reputable service. To earn, publishers do not even need to register on the platform, they merely need to select an ad unit type, filter ads that can be displayed on their website, and set their withdrawal parameters. Publishers are paid per unique impressions, possibly on a daily basis, and can also earn through referred sales, depending on the advertisers.


Coinmedia is a bitcoin adverting network that allow you to earn buy selling your website ads space with smart bidding system. It doesn't require any approval process. Once You register Account with Coinmedia, you can start earn bitcoin immediately  by placing ads code on your website


With AdBit, advertisers bid against each other for a share of a publisher’s ad space. Basically, as a publisher, you will give advertisers a small advertising space on your website, and will earn according to the amount being bidden – if advertisers love your website you will earn more, and if they do not you may still earn a few satoshis for setting the ad space up.


CoinURL lets users earn in two different ways: either through interstitial ads, or through banner ads. Interstitial ads allow users to monetize shortened links, which can be used in tweets and Facebook posts, as they appear when the user clicks the link. This can, however, be extremely annoying for some few users.
Banner ads are displayed on your website, and allow you to earn in the popular PPC (Pay-Per-Click) system. The minimum withdrawal amount is 0.01 BTC. Recently, some people have been claiming the website stopped paying, we could not however confirm this.


BitMedia allows publishers to display both text and banner ads, and has a minimum withdrawal amount of 0.01 BTC. The network can be seen as bitcoin’s version of Google AdSense, as it uses the effective PPC model and offers very high rates, as long as your website passes its strict approval criteria and has high-quality traffic.


Mellow Ads is a veteran in the market, and it can help your website either earn a lot, or a little, depending on the quality of your traffic. Reportedly, it pays per unique click or view, which means a lot of returning users may essentially mean publishers will not earn as much as they would expect. They only approve high-quality websites, but claim to give publishers 90% of what they get from advertisers.


Cointraffic does not give out a lot of information, but from what we have gathered this bitcoin ad network works with trustworthy publishers, and pays them well. Their support system is regularly seen as the best, as far as bitcoin ad networks go, which means they will quickly help publishers out. They calculate earnings in fiat currencies, but pay in bitcoin – this can affect your earnings if the price suddenly changes.


It is not easy for publishers to work with Coinad, as they can only be accepted by invite. By only accepting trusted, high-traffic websites, they make sure advertisers get their money’s worth. Statistics given are rather limited, but the ad fill rate is great and, according to a few of those who’ve tried the network, publishers are well paid.


Another popular bitcoin network is Coinzila. They only accept high traffic website. but the ad fill rate is also great and, according to a few of those who’ve tried the network, publishers are well paid

Step 3: Drive Traffic to Your Website

The last step, in order to earn more bitcoin, you need to bring visitors to your website. You can drive more visitors to your website by sharing your blog posts to social media like Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest, Tumblr, Reddit. If you want to grow you website traffic fast and Social Media Audience, You can try Paid Traffic.


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